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Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Comp Discount

Oregon Aglink and SAIF have worked together since 2001 to offer the best workers’ compensation insurance program within agriculture. Our program has saved participating Oregon Aglink members more than $2 million and continues to provide significant savings to its more than 600 member users.

Oregon Aglink members may be eligible to receive an 6% discount through SAIF starting July 1, 2017.


SAIF Corporation’s Oregon Group Supplemental Experience Rating Program gives qualifying businesses the opportunity to further reduce workers’ compensation insurance costs by earning a supplemental premium discount in addition to a premium volume discount. The additional discount rewards businesses belonging to the Agri-Business Council of Oregon that have good loss experience.

Risk Sharing

Sharing risk improves the ability of each individual participating business to absorb losses and ultimately produces a lower new cost.

Risk Management

Safety Committee consisting of a safety professional and Oregon Aglink member operators monitors the group’s performance. They meet to address loss trends, analyze claims issues and identify loss prevention needs for the group’s members.

For more information, contact Kirk Lloyd at 503-559-2239 or visit his website.

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