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Oregon Aglink membership is renewed annually, either in January or July. Membership dues are based on your total gross sales or receipts for this year, according to the scale below.

Renew your Membership

You will receive an invoice prior to your renewal date with the Member Renewal Form and are welcome to renew by mail with a check payable to ‘Oregon Aglink’ or dues may be paid online by following the prompts below.

Please select the appropriate level of membership for this year based on your gross sales or receipts. This may be different than your invoice amount.  Specify business name, type and major commodities.

LevelGross ReceiptsDues
Base$0 – 100,000$225
Trophy$100,001 – 500,000$375
Blue Ribbon$500,001 – 1,000,000$725
Champion$1,000,001 – 2,500,000$1,000
Grand Champion$2,500,001 – 5,000,000$1,300
Premier$5,000,001 and up$1,575
Non-ProfitFlat Rate$150
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