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Pre-Harvest Lunch in The Dalles

Posted on July 12, 2022
In a grassy area shaded by large trees, a woman addresses a crowd of people sitting at dark wood picnic tables.
A speaker from Farm Service Agency addresses the gathered growers, processors, and community members as they eat lunch.

Oregon Aglink has a long history of showing up at industry and community events going all the way back to its early days as the Agri-Business Council of Oregon.

Since Oregon Aglink represents agriculture in all its forms and locations, our staff and board members love to meet the growers, processors, and supporters wherever they may be, whether it’s at a grocery store or a tailgate picnic in the middle of a field.

On June 1, Orchard View Farms in The Dalles held its annual pre-harvest tour and lunch. Oregon Aglink set up a table alongside other vendors and agencies to meet the attendees and update local businesses on the news at Oregon Aglink, from our safety work, our outreach with Adopt a Farmer, and our new member benefits like the Association Health Plan.

Four men in baseball caps gather around to talk and look at a large aerial map mounted on a piece of plywood and nailed to a tree.
Attendees examine the “horseback tour” map of fruit set in nearby orchards

Following the tour in the morning, several guest speakers addressed the crowd about the upcoming harvest and resources for farmers in the area. One highlight for many attendees was the “horseback map” of orchard conditions. Historically, local volunteers would ride on horseback or in open vehicles to measure the fruit set at dozens of different sites around The Dalles before the harvest. While orchard technology has changed with weather monitoring and remote sensors, attendees still gathered around the map to discuss the mapping results and the promising season ahead.

Do you have an event in your area that represents local agriculture or connects farmers with their community?

Would you like us to join and speak about Oregon Aglink or maybe just listen to what you have going on in your neck of the woods?

Let us know! We’re wanting to connect with every member and the issues that affect their business and the surrounding communities. Contact Allison Cloo at [email protected] or you can reach her by phone or text message at 971-600-0428.