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Seasons Change. We Always Have Our Members.

Posted on November 4, 2022
A smiling woman outside, pictured from the torso up. The superimposed text reads "President's Journal."
Oregon Aglink President Abisha Stone

For many of us, Fall represents the end of something – the end of a season, the end of a harvest, the end of summer vacation for our children.

But for some of us, Fall represents the beginning of something – canning, milling, and fermenting, business preparation for a coming year as we face new tax structures, or the start of the holiday season.

For the team at Oregon Aglink, this Fall represents the start of many new things, like the 2022 Adopt a Farmer program, planning for our annual Denim and Diamonds event and the launch of a Membership Drive extending through Fall 2023.

Ever since Oregon Aglink began as the Agri-Business Council of Oregon in 1966, our members have been at the center of all we do. For over five decades, our members have pledged sponsorships, allowed themselves to be “adopted” in the name of ag education, and committed tens of thousands of volunteer hours to support our work. This symbiotic relationship has allowed us to expand our team, expand our programs, and reach an innumerable amount of people with the message Oregon “agricultures”: all the different things we grow, raise, and produce in this state.

Still, there is always more work to be done as we aspire to reach more people in our state by expanding our programming and through deeper engagement with our members. New obstacles join familiar challenges, and we know that the best way to address them is together. The collective support of our members keeps us rolling along, but we have no purpose or direction without your participation, your stories, and your desire to see Oregon agriculture continue year after year.

As you read through this issue of our magazine, I urge you to think about why you became a member and to consider the impact Oregon Aglink has in our communities – because that work could not be done without your support and without your voices.

From all of us on the Oregon Aglink Board of directors, we thank you. We thank you for your membership, your ongoing encouragement, and for your commitment to Oregon Agriculture – Everywhere, Everyday.

Abisha Stone

Oregon Aglink Board President