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Oregon Aglink is committed to growing agriculture through education and promotion.

Since 1966

We are a private, non-profit volunteer membership organization dedicated to growing agriculture in Oregon through education and promotion; bridging the gap between urban and rural Oregonians.

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Becoming a member of Oregon Aglink adds your voice to the story of Oregon agriculture as your membership dues support all of our programs and in return, you have access to all of our exclusive members-only benefits.

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Agriculture Stories

Getting Where We’re Going

Many of us can think of one-lane roads – paved, gravel, or dirt – that wiggle all around our state. They’re usually far away from clusters of cars, stop lights, and buildings. Full of memories, stop-worthy views, and very few people, it’s not until you meet another vehicle that you must solve the problem of […]

Deep Roots and Bright Flowers

  Name an organization for education and outreach about agriculture in Oregon and there’s a good chance Dona Coon has been involved at some point.   Oregon Women for Agriculture? Past president of state and local chapters. Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom? Key board member in its early growth and continued development. Summer Ag Institute? […]

Building a Legacy at Ioka Farms

  What does it mean to build a legacy? Does it come from one generation, or are we constantly building on the work of those before us and hoping those after us will continue the work? If your legacy is hard work and innovation, that means the process never stops. At least that’s what seems […]

Insights from an Intern: Oregon’s Apples

Oregon Aglink has partnered with Oregon Health and Sciences University to host some dietetic interns each Fall during their rotations. This year, our intern Phoebe Luc wrote blog posts on some popular Oregon crops, their health benefits, and where we might see them on our table or in markets. — Oregon’s Apples Leading with Fuji […]