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Our History

Our History

Oregon Aglink, formerly known as the Agri-Business Council of Oregon (ABC), is a private, non-profit volunteer membership organization dedicated to growing Oregon agriculture through education and promotion. Established in 1966, Oregon Aglink seeks to bridge the gap between urban and rural Oregonians.
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Timeline of Milestones

Here is a brief timeline of some major milestones for Oregon Aglink.

If you were a part of Oregon Aglink (formerly known as Agri-Business Council of Oregon) at any point since its inception in 1966 and would like to help us make this a more detailed history, we would greatly appreciate your input. To share your memories, please contact Allison Cloo, Director of Membership and Programs at 971-600-0428.


Incorporating Articles

According to the 1966 Articles of Incorporation, the purpose of the Oregon Aglink (originally known as the Agri-Business Council of Oregon) is:

  • to provide information services for the enlightenment of all citizens on the importance of the Oregon agri-business industry and its services to the economy
  • to provide a medium of communication within the agri-business industry, and among agriculture, con­sumers, and the public at large
  • to unite Oregon agriculture and allied business enterprises in common programs for the enhance­ment of the well-being of the state
  • to determine Oregon agri­-business problems upon which agreement may be reached and to develop programs related thereto
  • to arrange for study and research on approved projects and to expedite the progress thereof

The full Oregon Aglink Articles of Incorporation lists the founding Board of Directors and complete bylaws in which Oregon Aglink operates today.

Past Presidents

Oregon Aglink has benefited from numerous dedicated individuals whose leadership has driven the organization in bridging the gap between urban and rural Oregonians since being founded in 1966.

1967-1968, Marion T. Weatherford (Founder)

1969, Gordon Walker, Walkdale Farms

1970: Richard J. Turner, P. R.

1971-1972: Donald H. Scott, Oregon Dairyman

1973: Hilbert S. Johnson, Portland General Electric

1974: Rep. Stafford Hansell, Hansell Farms

1975: Joseph Klupenger, Klupenger Nurseries Inc.

1976-1977: Tom Hartung, Hartung Meat Company

1978-1979: Bob Brogoitti, Brogoitti Ranches Inc.

1980-1981: Bob Nixon, Nixon Farms Inc.

1982-1983: Philip Peters, Canby Area Farmer

1984: Bruce Howe, Diamond Fruit Growers

1985: Dewey Rand Jr., Capital Press 

1986: Sen. Mike Thorne, Pendleton Wheat Grower

1987: Larry Kaseberg, Oregon Wheat Grower’s League

1988: Kirby Brumfield, Portland General Electric

1989: Ray Steinfeld Jr., Steinfeld Products Co.

1990: Ray Steinfeld Jr., Steinfeld Products Co.

1991: Mike Macnab, First Interstate Bank

1992: Bridget Flanagan, Safeway Inc.

1993: Gary Walls, Trailblazer Foods

1994-1996: Larry Aamold, U.S. Bank

1997-1998: Marcus Simantel, Simantel Farms Inc.

1999: Jeff Nuss, Greenwood Resources

2000-2002: Len Spesert, Hazelnut Growers of Oregon

2003-2006: Dick Severson, Severson Farms

2007: Mac McCarter, Northwest Shade Trees

2008: Garey Fritz, West Coast Bank (now Columbia Bank)

2009: Terry Ross, Oregon Grass Seed Bargaining Association

2010: Jack Hay, Hay Ranch

2011:  Doug Hart, Hart’s Nursery of Jefferson

2012: Bill Levy, Pacific Ag Solutions

2013: Amy Doerfler, Doerfler Farms

2014: Anissa Branch, Riddell Farms

2015: Molly McCargar, Pearmine Farms

2016: Lori Pavlicek, 4B Farms

2017: Jeff Freeman, Marion Ag Service

2018: Pamela Lucht, NW Transplants

2019: Megan Thompson, Sage Fruit

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