Frequently Asked Membership Questions

Q: How do I determine my membership level and is there paperwork involved?

A: Select the membership level that best describes the annual gross receipts of your business, organization, or cooperative you represent. The non-profit and association level might require verification that you are recognized by the state or your respective industry as a non-profit entity.

Q: Can I change my membership level?

A: We understand that expenses and revenues change every year. Please choose the level that makes sense for you.

Q: How often do I pay for membership? Will there be reminders?

A: Memberships will need renewal after one year; depending on your date of initial payment, renewal will occur either at the end of January or the end of July, whichever is closer to twelve full months. We will send out periodic reminders if you have not renewed, but there is no auto-renewal at this time.

Q: What happens if I miss renewing?

A: If you use one of our member benefit programs such as the SAIF Workers Compensation Insurance discount or the Association Health Plan, you risk losing the program and its associated savings. If you are worried about your renewal, please reach out ASAP.

Have additional questions not answered here? Would you like to speak with a staff member? You can contact our Director of Membership Allison Cloo at [email protected] or 971-600-0428.

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