Member Benefits

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of Oregon Aglink adds your voice to the story of Oregon agriculture. Your membership dues support all of our Programs and in return, you have access to all of our members-only benefits.

List of Benefits

It’s up to all of us, professionals in agriculture and its supporting industries, to help connect all Oregonians to agriculture. Join now.

As a member of Oregon Aglink, you are eligible to receive discounts through our affinity programs, including the following:

  • Workers’ Compensation: Oregon Aglink members with a mod rate of 1.0+ are eligible for a group discount on their Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums. The discount varies from year to year based on group performance, which is why we also regularly promote farm safety in our membership communications.
  • Social Media and Brand Management: Through Western Insights Media, members of Oregon Aglink can better understand and utilize their social media presence and brand. Members can receive various discounts based on the service selected.
  • Office and Workplace Supplies: Whether you need more printer paper or a fresh set of N95 dust masks, our partnership with Staples Advantage means you get special discounts on a wide range of items for your office or farm team, including promotional printing and embroidery.

For more information, contact Allison Cloo, Director of Membership and Programs at 503-595-9121 x105.

AgLink is a quarterly, full-color, 12-page magazine sent to all Oregon Aglink members. The publication’s content highlights the efforts Oregon Aglink engages in on behalf of its members, while showcasing the membership’s achievements to the greater Oregon agriculture community. Read our current articles.


It’s the best way for Oregon Aglink members to stay up-to-date on a variety of topics, including:

  • Trends and issues in Oregon agriculture
  • Oregon Aglink’s efforts to engage urban Oregonians
  • Oregon Aglink’s Programs
  • Current Oregon Aglink and industry events

Members, we want to hear from you! Have a comment or suggestion? A member we should feature? Contact Allison Cloo, Program Coordinator at 503-595-9121 x103.

Is there a service you provide? If you’d like to advertise, please contact us at the above number or

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The Product of Oregon Landmark of Quality logo can be placed on packaging, brochures and other marketing materials to indicate your product is grown or processed in Oregon. The logo is available to all Oregon Aglink members.


Oregon Aglink’s ongoing Cultivating Common Ground initiative continues to educate consumers about the advantages of buying local. Consumers can look for this logo to ensure they are buying quality, local products.

To get a copy of the logo please contact Mallory Phelan, Executive Director at 503-595-9121 x106.

Oregon Aglink is committed to providing our members with the tools and resources to create a safe work environment.

Download a Safety Meeting Agenda and Minutes Form to track your monthly meetings!

Explore the links below to find tools and resources to help make your work environment as safe as possible.

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